Two new institutions, empowered to prevent cyber threats, launched within the Moldova Cybersecurity Forum

The National Cyber Security Agency and the National Institute for Cyber Security Innovation “Cybercor” were launched at the first edition of this year’s Moldova Cybersecurity Forum. Institutions will play a key role in preventing and combating cyber threats.

The Forum was opened by Prime Minister Dorin Recean and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitisation Dumitru Alaiba, who stressed that cyber security is a priority for our country.

“Now that we have digitized almost all services in our country, cyber security becomes a very important issue. It is time for all of us: as employees in the public sector, as entrepreneurs, as employees in the private sector, and as citizens to pay more attention to this issue and to invest more and more in cyber security,” said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.


The two new institutions, launched at the Moldova Cybersecurity Forum event, will focus on ensuring a secure digital environment, protecting the critical infrastructure of the state and society from cyber-attacks, and guaranteeing a high level of security of networks and information systems of public and private institutions.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Technical University of Moldova, and Tekwill, with the support of USAID, Sweden, The United Kingdom, and the European Union Partnership Mission to Moldova and the e-Governance Academy.

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