U. S. Ambassador to Romania: „I have seen many examples of Russia’s attempt to destabilize Government R. Moldova”

What do Romanians want from Americans? More military presence to defend Romania and lift visa requirements. Both are being worked on. But some questions concern the whole democratic world: What will happen if the US stops getting involved in defending democracies? But what if someone in America decides to withdraw from NATO? Kathleen Kavalec, the US Ambassador to Bucharest, answered these questions on  Digi24 Diplomatic Passport, including on the subject of Moldova being under Russian hybrid attacks.

Cristina Cileacu: One of the countries that is under heavy attack related to emotions, and emotion-based disinformation, is the Republic of Moldova. And Romania, but not only Romania, the whole European Union is trying to keep Moldova on the European path. Most Moldovans want this path, but not all of them, it must be said. How well are we doing so far in helping Moldova not to slide towards Russia?

Kathleen Kavalec: First of all, let me say that Romania has shown excellent leadership in supporting Moldova in its European aspirations. I was just in Moldova, earlier this week, with a trade mission, to try to encourage additional investments in the Republic of Moldova. Disinformation is a major concern. And we have seen many examples of Russia’s attempt to destabilize the Moldovan government. That is why we are also very present there, together with Romania and other partners, in offering support, for example, for their energy needs. The United States has provided more than $300 million in assistance and we intend to provide even more. We are trying to help them combat disinformation by helping them face the challenges they face. And I know that Romania does the same. And I heard appreciation, when I was there, for all that you are doing, for the support coming from the West. I think when you look at the world, you make a choice: which direction you want to go. Romania made this choice when it decided it wanted to join NATO and the EU. You voted to go west, where you saw more stability, peace, and prosperity. The Moldovan people in the Republic of Moldova would like the same. So I think we should all work together to support them.


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