UK Commits £9 Million in Aid to Moldova to Boost Resilience and Development

The United Kingdom has announced a contribution of £9 million within the framework of the Moldova Support Platform. It should be noted that officials from 30 states gathered on October 17th in Chișinău for the 4th edition of the Platform. According to British officials, this financial commitment is part of the £10 million aid promised by Secretary of State James Cleverly during his visit to Chișinău in March 2023. The funds are intended to contribute to delivering tangible results for citizens in areas such as poverty reduction, infrastructure, and ensuring energy security.

“In the face of challenges that require immediate action on the part of the Republic of Moldova, the United Kingdom welcomes the focus of the ‘Moldova Support Platform’ on medium-term development needs highlighted by the event’s hosts,” said representatives of the British Embassy in Chișinău.

Diplomats added, “The Republic of Moldova has critical needs to meet to increase its level of resilience, and this summit, as demonstrated in previous meetings, plays an important role in generating suitable solutions for the country’s reform agenda and European path.”

“To support the establishment of the multi-donor trust fund ‘Moldova – Development, Resilience, and Welfare,’ the United Kingdom today announced a contribution of £9 million to the M-GROW project, managed by the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova. This financial commitment is part of the £10 million aid promised by James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth, and Development of the United Kingdom, during his visit to Chișinău in March 2023,” said Embassy representatives.

It is also noted that “this assistance will contribute to delivering tangible results for citizens in areas such as poverty reduction, infrastructure, energy security, gender equality, and resilience to climate change.”

“The contribution will allow the government in Chișinău to strengthen its dialogue with the European Union and become more resistant to malign interference from Russia and Kremlin-controlled criminal actors. The M-GROW Fund will serve as a coordinated funding and support mechanism to help the Republic of Moldova make essential and necessary investments, increase its competitiveness, and fortify its efforts toward green, resilient, inclusive, and European development,” diplomats said.

According to the Embassy, the UK’s contribution to the goals of the Moldova Support Platform is multilateral.

“The United Kingdom co-chairs, along with Romania, the working group against corruption. The fight against corruption and organized crime is the key to anchoring the Republic of Moldova in the free world. The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on corrupt Moldovan citizens and remains receptive to all requests for bilateral legal assistance. The United Kingdom has also responded to other challenges identified by the Platform. In addition to the £12.5 million offered in 2022, another £10.5 million is provided in 2023 as humanitarian assistance to support Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable families in Moldova. And through the Good Governance Fund, another three million is delivered for technical assistance to support efforts to ensure energy security, cyber security, integrity, and anti-corruption efforts,” diplomats said.

Today, October 17, 2023, our country hosts the 4th edition of the Moldova Support Platform, launched at the initiative of Romania, Germany, and France. Over 30 states and dozens of international and financial organizations have gathered in Chișinău at the Republic Palace to mobilize the necessary assistance in three main directions for the development of the Republic of Moldova – budgetary support, the establishment of an Infrastructure Fund, and a residential fund for energy efficiency.


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