Ukrainian deputies visit Chisinau. They thanked Moldovan people for the help offered to the refugees

The president of the ”Parliamentary Friendship Group with Ukraine”, Oazu Nantoi, together with other deputies of the Chisinau Parliament had an extensive discussion with the members of the Supreme Rada delegation of Ukraine, led by Mykhailo Radutskyi, who are visiting Chisinau on a work visit. The situation related to refugee crisis created by the war with Russia was one of the main subjects.

Ukrainian deputies were informed about the actions taken by our country to help people from Ukraine who flee the war, including accommodation, medical assistance, employment, as well as the integration of children in the educational system.

The members of the Ukrainian delegation sent to the authorities and citizens of the Republic of Moldova words of deep gratitude for the efforts to help their fellow citizens. They mentioned that our country has extended a helping hand to the refugees from the first day of the war, and the importance of this sincere gesture is impossible to overestimate.

Another topic of discussions was about regional security, possible scenarios of evolution of the situation in both states, as well as the problem of counteracting “fake news” and ensuring informational security.

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