Video By 2027, Moldovans could save 100 million lei on energy bills through a government-approved programme

Individual homeowners and condominium associations will be eligible for energy efficiency grants and allowances. According to the ministers, this is expected to save them millions of lei cumulatively on their bills.

The Executive has approved the financing programme “Fund for Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector of the Republic of Moldova” (FEERM). Through this initiative, the authorities aim to support the renovation of at least 507,000 square metres of heated areas in residential buildings. This would cover approximately 8,500 apartments or 5,000 individual houses.

Thanks to the programme, household consumers are expected to save at least 66.9 million kWh of energy by 2027, which is valued at around 100 million lei.

“Improving the energy performance of residential buildings is a sustainable method to reduce the impact of high energy prices and tariffs on the population. This year, 300 million lei have been allocated for implementing energy efficiency measures in the residential sector,” as per the press service of the Executive.


The program aims to achieve its objectives between 2024 and 2027. To implement the initiative, approximately 1.4 billion lei in financial resources are required. The National Centre for Sustainable Energy will be responsible for managing the funds.

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