MFA: The proposal to move the FAO regional conference in Rome came from Moldova

The proposal to relocate the regional conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) from Chisinau to Rome has been set forth by Moldova, ensuring adherence to the FAO statute and its procedural norms. This decision, announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) today, underscores Moldova’s commitment to upholding international obligations.

In light of the 34th edition of the FAO Conference for Europe, Moldovan authorities have reiterated their stance of not hosting representatives from FAO member-states engaged in acts of aggression against fellow members. The MAE has diligently communicated the available options for participation in a hybrid format to all concerned parties.

As Moldova remains steadfast in meeting its international commitments, the proposal to relocate the conference to Rome emanated from Chisinau, facilitating adherence to FAO protocols. Additionally, the MAE emphasizes that Russia’s cessation of aggression against Ukraine and alignment with the principles of the UN Charter would be the most constructive contribution it could make.


It is noted that the event in Rome will be conducted under the auspices of the Moldovan Presidency, underscoring Moldova’s continued dedication to fostering dialogue and cooperation within the FAO framework.

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