VIDEO Dozens of employees of the Russian Embassy ​​sent home: The moment when they leave the diplomatic headquarters in Chisinau

Dozens of employees of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chisinau returned home today. They completed their mission in our country after the authorities of the Republic of Moldova reduced the number of diplomats in the Russian Embassy from 70 to 25.

The employees of the Embassy of the Russian Federation were transported to Chisinau International Airport with two coaches, several cars, and a truck.

At 5:30 in the morning, the plane of the Russian Federation landed at the Chisinau Airport, and after an hour, the Embassy employees started to leave the diplomatic headquarters.

The press did not have access to the Airport to talk with Russian diplomats. The video footage was captured from the airport entrance.

At the end of July, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova significantly reduced the number of diplomatic staff of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. The decision is to be implemented from August 15.

More precisely, the Russian diplomatic composition would constitute ten people. They will be chosen by the officials of the Russian Federation. The restrictions also apply to technical, administrative, and service staff. Their composition would constitute 15 people. Currently, the Russian Embassy has approximately 70 employees.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, announced that the main reason for this decision is the continuous attempts to destabilize the internal situation in the country.

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