Four parties in Moldova united and created the “Together” bloc

On April 14, four political formations announced their unification into the “Together” (“Impreuna”) bloc. They are the party Platform “Dignity and Truth” (DA), the Coalition for Unity and Prosperity (CUB), the socio-political movement “League of Cities and Communities” (LOC), and the Party of Change. They also announced the creation of a “Pact for Europe”, which they will propose to other Moldovan political formations to sign.

Representatives of all four parties announced the unification and the creation of the bloc at a joint meeting held on Sunday.

The leader of the Party of Change, Stefan Gligor, said that the “Together” bloc would support Moldova’s European path and unite society.

“From today we have the same name. The political bloc “Together” guarantees Moldova’s European path, we want to neutralize the political risks we face and unite the society,” the Party of Change leader said after the meeting.


The politician also emphasized the value of the “Pact for Europe” and said that the participants in the meeting unanimously approved this project.

“The ‘Pact for Europe’ is a document that should be signed by parties, civil society, and influential people to unite all forces and guarantee the European integration of our country,” Gligor added.

The “League of Cities and Communities” leader said the pact would be presented to all political parties interested in promoting this national idea.

The event was also attended by former MP Octavian Cicu, who announced in September 2023 that he and two other former MPs are joining forces with the “DA.”

“In many aspects, including political, we are different. We were competitors, but we united and called on Moldovan citizens to pay attention to this and be confident in tomorrow,” he said.

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