A 28-year-old Moldovan citizen tragically died in the United States following an altercation with police officers

Stefan Sprincean, a Moldovan national, tragically passed away in the United States following a distressing encounter with law enforcement at a gas station on Rivers Avenue. The circumstances surrounding his death remain shrouded in mystery as authorities continue their active investigation.

On April 7, officers responded to reports of a disturbance between an employee and a customer at the Sunoco located at 5710 Rivers Ave. Upon arrival, they found the store in disarray, with the customer behind the counter, injured. In the process of attempting to detain him, a brief altercation occurred, leaving the individual unresponsive and requiring emergency medical transport to a nearby hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The North Charleston Police Department promptly requested the State Law Enforcement Division to conduct an independent investigation, withholding further details at this time. The victim, identified as 28-year-old Stefan Sprincean by the Charleston County Coroner on April 9, awaits a thorough examination of the cause and manner of death, pending additional studies, with autopsy results expected in six to eight weeks.


According to statements from the victim’s family, an altercation with an employee escalated to police involvement, culminating in the use of a Taser, purportedly resulting in a fatal heart attack. As the Sprincean family grapples with this profound loss, they seek assistance with funeral and repatriation expenses during this challenging time.

In a heartfelt plea for support, the Lawyers Union of the Republic of Moldova urges those who can contribute to the Sprincean family’s needs, to offer assistance in any capacity possible.

“Mrs. Sprincean’s 28-year-old son, Stefan, based in the United States, died of a heart attack after being tasered by police officers following an altercation at a gas station in South Carolina.

At this difficult and grief-stricken time, the Sprincean family needs help with funeral and repatriation expenses.

We respectfully request all those who are available and willing to assist the Sprincean family, to transfer as much as your heart allows and as you are able,” Lawyers Union of the Republic of Moldova said.

To transport the body of the deceased young man to Moldova and organize the funeral, a fundraiser was announced on the GoFundMe platform.

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