(VIDEO) Head of ISS: “Russia is trying to compromise Moldova’s accession to the EU”

The head of the Information and Security Service (ISS), Alexandru Mustiata, held a press conference on March 5, where he made statements regarding the assessment of Russia’s participation in the electoral processes in Moldova in 2024-2025.

Thus, the ISS head said: “Now attempts are being made by the Russian Federation to influence the electoral processes this year.”

“ISS has data that indicate an unprecedented intensity of actions on the part of the Russian Federation. The goal of these actions is to compromise Moldova’s accession to the EU,” Mustiata said.

The ISS head said that Russia had tried to interfere in the electoral processes in Moldova before.

“In 2023, there were attempts to compromise local elections. And now Russia intends to interfere in the electoral processes this year. There is information about an attempt to compromise the referendum on European integration and presidential elections and denigrate institutions and candidates who will promote the idea of European integration. The next stage is planned for 2025. The goal is to take control of the Moldovan parliament,” Mustiata said.


He also mentioned that a lot of false information about the country’s leadership is spread in the public space through Telegram and TikTok channels.

He also added that another way to influence the situation in Moldova is to support “radical tendencies” in the south of Moldova.

“Another direction is the strengthening of radical tendencies in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova, especially in ATU Gagauzia. The Russian Federation is betting on the fake creation of social division, continuing to compromise Chisinau’s efforts to get closer to ATU Gagauzia. Russia will also continue to use the potential of Transnistria in hybrid actions against Chisinau in the context of political processes in Moldova, against the background of applying the so-called economic pressure exerted by Chisinau on the region,” the head of the intelligence service said.

The head of the ISS also noted that Ilan Shor is the main actor on whom Russia relies in its attempts to compromise the result of the referendum.

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