VIDEO: Lacrimioara Galagan, the Moldovan pianist shining on the stages of Finland: The world here has encouraged me

Lacrimioara Galagan left Moldova at the age of 19. She wanted to study music, but fate led her to Finland, where she spent five years studying pedagogy and completed a three-year master’s program at the Sibelius Academy. However, she hasn’t forgotten about Moldova and has ambitious plans to return after fulfilling her European dream.

She has performed with the orchestra of the city of Oulu and won the 3rd prize at the prestigious Leevi Madetoja Piano Competition in Finland. She has also performed with the philharmonic orchestra of the city of Turku. In addition to her stage performances, she impresses her Finnish and Moldovan fans with her native music on a social media page.

"After completing my piano studies at the Republican Music High School 'Ciprian Porumbescu' and passing the baccalaureate exams, I wanted to continue my music studies in Romania. However, as fate would have it, the invitation to continue my studies in Finland came faster than the one from Romania. Along with integrating into Finland, I had to mature and it was doubly difficult for me. But now, looking back, I am incredibly happy that I went through these stages of life in such a calm and beneficial place," recounts Lacrimioara.

The young woman shares that there are no inequalities there, teachers motivate the students, positive atmosphere prevails, and people are kind to one another and to nature. Now, people back home take pride in Lacrimioara’s graduation from the Sibelius Academy, especially since music has always been a part of her family, but she is the first who obtain a music education.


"The people here have encouraged and supported me tremendously, and I believe that has given me a lot of strength and confidence. I felt accepted and appreciated by the majority of people I have learned from and collaborated with in recent years. They are usually very curious to learn more about our country. The most common question is: What language is spoken in Moldova? and "Do you miss Moldova?" They perceive us as open and very friendly people. I have felt wonderful on all Finnish stages. They greatly appreciate classical music and are extremely grateful after every concert," Lacrimioara further relates.

“In Finland, people are much more relaxed,” says the Moldovan. She believes that we have things to learn from the people there, and they have things to learn from us. She hopes for beautiful projects but does not abandon the idea of returning permanently to Moldova.

"The returns to Moldova are accompanied by intense emotions that are hard to describe. As soon as I set foot on our land, tears instantly well up, and honestly, I want to embrace every person I see along the way. This longing follows me like a shadow throughout all these years. I can say for sure that Finland has become my second home, but it can never replace Moldova. I left to develop myself, to obtain my studies, and I dream of great things in the field of music, so that I can later contribute to our country and the music-loving children of the Republic of Moldova. I do not exclude the fact that I will return permanently, but only after I have achieved all my goals outside of Moldova," the young woman told us.

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