Video Marina Tauber: We call for the annulment of the results and the holding of new local elections

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has stated that it refrains from commenting on statements regarding the cancellation of elections.

The results of the November 2023 general local elections will be contested by representatives of the former Shor party. Marina Tauber announced the decision to lift the ban on representatives of the outlawed party from running for office. This follows the Constitutional Court’s ruling that declared the ban unconstitutional.

“This decision is overdue. The elections have already taken place, and candidates with a genuine chance were not allowed to participate. (…) It is announced that the ruling of the Constitutional Court cannot remain merely theoretical. We request the nullification of the results and the holding of new local elections with the participation of all eligible candidates,” Tauber said.


After the decision of the Constitutional Court judges, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu announced that new changes would be introduced to limit the election of politicians with links to Ilan Shor. However, the decision of the High Court does not allow for the nullification of the election results.

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