The court pauses the “Renato Usatii vs. CES” case! What’s the reason?

“We have been informed that the meeting scheduled for 29 March, at which the decision on the retroactive reduction of gas tariffs was to be adopted, will not take place. The reason for the postponement – the judge is on sick leave until 2 April.” This is the statement issued by “Our Party” leader Renato Usatii on a social network.

“We wish him to get well as soon as possible, and we are waiting for a new date of the hearing to be appointed as soon as possible when the decision will be pronounced. The 3 billion lei, which the state owes people for the exaggerated tariffs of the past years, must be returned in the form of recalculation in future bills,” Usatii wrote.

The first court hearing in the case “Renato Usatii vs Commission for Exceptional Situations (CES)” lasted less than two hours. Only Renato Usatii and his lawyer appeared in court. There was no government representative in the courtroom. Usatii was allowed to make his case to the court and to present documents proving the charges against the government. The final decision of the Chisinau Court will be announced at the end of March.

The “Our Party” leader is asking for lower natural gas tariffs, with an earlier date, from 1 February 2023.


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