Veronica Dragalin, Head of PA, commented on the Chisinau Airport tender: Stating that prosecutors will intervene if the law is broken

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has not assigned any prosecutor to oversee the tender for leasing commercial space at the airport, as it falls outside the agency’s jurisdiction. However, Veronika Dragalin, the head of the anti-corruption service, stated that prosecutors will intervene if the law has been violated. Drahalin said this on the air of the programme “Secretele Puterii” on Jurnal TV.

“We have received invitations from many agencies to participate and send a representative when a procedure is being conducted. We responded by stating that the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office does not possess such powers. Our duties do not include assuring that someone’s actions are correct. The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office intervenes if the law is broken,” noted Dragalin.

The organisation has stated that it cannot provide a legal opinion on the organisation of the tender as it has not examined the circumstances of the case.


On 25 March, the authorities extended the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the tender for commercial premises at Chisinau airport. This decision was made after only one company, Lagardere Travel Retail, declared its intention to bid. The period for submitting applications for participation in the tender is from 26 March to 15 April. The verification and review of submitted documents will take place on 15-16 April. The tender will be held on 17 April at 11:00 a.m. and the winner will be announced.

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