(VIDEO) PAS Releases President’s Response to Stoianoglo’s Candidacy Announcement: Oligarchs and Kremlin Allegedly Strike a Deal

“Oligarchs and the Kremlin have struck a deal,” Maia Sandu asserts, commenting on Alexandr Stoianoglo’s intention to run in the presidential elections. The Action and Solidarity Party posted the statement on their TikTok account.

According to the head of state, the Kremlin desires “to see thieves return to power in Moldova.” In her view, Moscow will use the latter to take over our country.


”We must remain united, vigilant, and not allow oligarchs and thieves to return. We have a clear direction. We have a serious mission: to restore order in the country, build prosperity, ensure ongoing peace, establish fair justice, and create a state that can guarantee a good life for every citizen,” the president asserts.

On Monday, July 8th, Alexandr Stoianoglo announced alongside Igor Dodon that he would run for president. The Socialist leader specified that while his party would not officially nominate the former Prosecutor General, they support his candidacy.

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