(VIDEO) Where does Vlah get money for the Moldova Platform? “We can’t open any bank account with any bank”

Irina Vlah claims the Moldova Platform she created cannot open a bank account. According to her, indications about such actions have come from the country’s leadership, including the presidential administration.

The politician mentioned during the program “Rezoomat” with Ileana Pirgaru on RLIVE TV that the organization members work voluntarily. According to her, Platform Moldova has the legal status of a public association.

“We are facing the situation when we cannot open any bank account in any bank. Our banks have received an indication from Mrs. President that they cannot open accounts for Platform Moldova.


We are working. We work with partners. This Platform is non-governmental. If Platform Moldova, a public association, cannot open a bank account, what can we say about its opponents? We have no bank account. We work voluntarily. And that’s how we work,” Vlah said.

During the program, the former Bashkan of Gagauzia said that she would urge her supporters to vote “against” in the referendum on European integration.

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