Video Recean: No “deal” to convey former Republican stadium land to U.S. government

Prime Minister Dorin Recean stated during the presentation of the government’s activity report to the legislature that there was no “transaction” involved in the transfer of the land of the former Republican stadium to the US government.

In response to MP Apostolova’s inquiry about the evaluation and price of the land formerly occupied by the Republican Stadium, Recean denied the existence of any such document.

“There is no ‘transaction’. (…) There is no such document. (…)There is no evidence of the existence of this document. It appears to be a fraudulent item that has been placed on today’s agenda,” replied Dorin Recean.


As a reminder, in April 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to initiate the procedure for the sale of the Republican Stadium property. A diplomatic mission headquarters and a park are likely to be built in the location.

The deadline for implementing the memorandum is set to expire on 28th December 2023. An amendment has been signed by the parties involved, extending the deadline to June 2024.

The Public Property Agency has announced several tenders to find an appraiser for the land. However, the cost of the appraiser is currently unknown.

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