(VIDEO) The third time that Zdob si Zdub represent Moldova at Eurovision

The Republic of Moldova first appeared on the stage at Eurovision in 2005. Then our country was represented by the band Zdob and Zdub and “the grandmother who plays the drums”. The team managed to rank 6th in the final with 148 points. This was the best place obtained by the Republic of Moldova in the final until 2017, when the SunStroke Project team ranked third in Kyiv, Ukraine, informs realitatea.md.

In 2011 Zdob and Zdub again represented Moldova at Eurovision with the song “So Lucky”. In Düsseldorf, Zdob and Zdub did not exceed the 2005 performance, finishing 12th with 97 points.

The third appearance of Zdob and Zdub at the European competition is this year. This time the band is accompanied by the Advahov brothers. They played last night on the stage in Turin, Italy, in the first semifinal. They set the atmosphere on fire with the song “The Train”. They got the number 9 out of of the 17 participating states.

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