VinOpera 2023: The First International Festival in Moldova, Powered 100% by Green Energy

In an absolute first for the Republic of Moldova, the VinOpera 2023 International Festival is heading in a new direction, becoming the country’s first event of its kind powered entirely by solar energy. Under the leadership of the “Constantin Mimi” Foundation and hosted by Castel Mimi, the festival aims to provide a high-quality musical experience while also sending a clear signal about the importance of sustainability in cultural events.

Castel Mimi has significantly invested in its solar energy infrastructure, installing 250 kW of solar panels to join the existing 137 kW. Together, these will provide 70% of the castle’s energy needs. More than just numbers, this effort represents a responsible attitude toward the environment.

“We wanted VinOpera to be an example for future cultural events in terms of using renewable resources,” said Adrian Trofim, Executive Director of Castel Mimi.

Between the strains of classical music and the tastings of fine wines, a strong commitment to the environment lies. To make a real change, the organizers have taken concrete measures to make the event more environmentally friendly:

  • Eco-Friendly Transportation Option: Encouraging participants to use public transportation, especially trains, to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Solar Energy in the Spotlight: The festival will be exclusively powered by solar energy, thereby contributing to reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Waste Management: Promoting recycling and proper waste management during the event.
  • Supporting Local Producers: Promoting local wine producers and sustainable production practices.
  • Accessibility and Education: Ensuring an accessible experience for all individuals, including those with disabilities, and educational programs for awareness.
  • Scheduled between August 30 and September 1, the festival will take place in three locations. In Varniţa and Bulboaca, all enthusiasts of good music are invited to free recitals by the Folk Ensemble “Plăieşii,” “Gândul Mîţei Band,” Master Constantin Moscovici, and “Felicia Dunaf Band.”


Castel Mimi welcomes visitors on September 1 to the 6th edition of the VinOpera International Classical Music Festival! Tickets can be obtained HERE. It will be an unforgettable evening starting at 8:00 PM, featuring renowned artists from the National Opera of Bucharest and the National Opera and Ballet Theater “Maria Bieșu” from Chișinău. Iordache Basalic, Mădălina Barbu, Lilia Istratii, and Dumitru Mîțu will delight you in a symphonic concert under the direction of Daniel Jinga.

For additional details about the festival, its program, you can access the following link: VinOpera 2023 International Music Festival – A Synthesis of Classical, Rock, and Folk Music –

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