Summer 2023 Travel Trends: Popular Destinations for Moldovan Travelers

The International Airport Chișinău has presented a statistics about the current situation and recent developments in the country regarding passenger transportation and their travel preferences. Therefore, from this material, you will find out the preferred destinations of Moldovans, the new locations chosen by them, and the latest data concerning the aviation transport segment.

July is the hottest month of summer, and during it, according to the information, around 40,199 passengers have traveled by plane, which is 14.5% more than the figures recorded in July of the previous year. At the same time, the total number of passengers transported in the first seven months of 2023 reached the number of 1,502,596, which represents an increase of 51.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

According to the data, Turkey remains among the top preferred destinations for vacations this year as well, with flights operated from the International Airport Chișinău, accounting for about 45% or over 17,000 passengers more than July 2022, who flew in this direction.

The most popular destinations:

  • Antalya (32.24%);
  • Istanbul (10.67%);
  • Heraklion (3.75%);
  • Warsaw (3.73%);
  • Dublin (3.44%).

The new destinations chosen by Moldovans:

  • Valencia – 1,278 passengers;
  • Podgorica – 2,749 passengers;
  • Tirana – 1,762 passengers.

Similarly, this year, aircraft have taken off and landed 20% less on the airport territory than the previous year. Thus, a milestone of 2,480 operations was reached, with 412 more actions than in July 2022. In the case of regular flights, in the current year’s July, the number of operations increased by 16.4% compared to July 2022, and in connection to the same period, the traffic increased by 12.8%. Additionally, figures in the cargo segment indicate that around 199.2 tons were transported in July, which is 28% more than in July of the previous year.


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