Warm weather saves Moldova! The price of gas fell to 648 dollars per thousand cubic meters

The gas price at the Dutch TFF hub, at 12:15 p.m., was 648 euros per thousand cubic meters.

The director of Energocom declared at the end of last week that, currently, the Republic of Moldova consumes gas from the reserves it made during 2022, writes Bani.md.

“The problem is that when gas prices are low, nobody wants to sell.”

Currently, Moldovagaz buys gas from Energocom at a price of 970 euros per thousand cubic meters.

“Yes, we have gas that we use procured including from Moldovagaz during the summer, through those provisions of the CSE that we procured and were stored, now we use these quantities of gas to be delivered to Moldovagaz. But, as I said, we also have quantities procured from the EBRD agreement, we also have other quantities that were used and stored to be exploited during the winter period”, Bânzari pointed out.


At the same time, according to the director of Energocom, through this possibility to bring gas through the trans-Balkan corridor in a real reverse mode, so it was not a virtual one, everyone was shocked by this historic step that we took and then many started to connect with us and discuss, because they saw that we are partners who are not afraid of obstacles and look for solutions to solve problems.

The Republic of Moldova has about 300 million cubic meters of gas stored in reserves, which is stored in Ukraine and Romania. Gazprom’s methane, 5.7 million cubic meters, was transferred on December 1 to the Cuciurgan plant in exchange for cheaper electricity – $73 MW, after Chisinau faced an unprecedented energy crisis in November and purchased from the OPCOM exchange from Romania at a price of 231 euros MW.

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