Why will the referendum on EU membership not fail? Mihai Popsoi explains

Mihai Popsoi, in an interview with Newsmaker, asserts that the referendum for European integration holds promise for Moldova’s future prosperity. He criticizes past polls for their political agendas rather than genuine progress.

As the head of diplomacy in Chisinau, Popsoi emphasizes the significance of the upcoming elections, labeling them as pivotal for the country’s strategic trajectory. He urges citizens to actively engage in the referendum, framing it as a critical juncture for Moldova’s development.

Popsoi contends that responsible politicians, prioritizing citizens’ interests, have been lacking historically. He condemns past referendums driven by political agendas and oligarchic influences. Conversely, he emphasizes the current referendum’s focus on Moldova’s strategic future and development.


“So far, we have not had responsible politicians who work for the interests of citizens. In the past, referendums have been held for political purposes, where petty interests played an important role. Oligarchs tried to have their way. Now, we are talking about the strategic future and development of the country. All citizens of good faith, all parties that truly support the European vector, should be involved in this process,” Popsoi said.

In his opinion, “how our children and grandchildren will live” depends on the outcome of the upcoming elections. At the same time, according to the minister, the country’s chance for European integration “is too important an opportunity to miss.”

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