Chisinau joins the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism

Chisinau has become the latest city to join the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR). During a working visit to Mannheim, Germany, the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau, Olga Ursu, officially submitted the necessary documents on 24 April, thereby initiating the process of Chisinau joining ECCAR. This initiative was launched by UNESCO.

Consequently, Chisinau is dedicated, in conjunction with other urban centres across the globe, to confronting racism, discrimination and xenophobia, including within communities, by fostering diversity, tolerance, inclusion and other forms of hate speech.

“By becoming a member of ECCAR, the municipality will have the opportunity to engage in knowledge exchange, experience sharing, training and technical assistance, and advocacy for policies and initiatives that promote inclusion and sustainability. This demonstrates the local authority’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable city for all its residents,” the message from Chisinau City Hall states.

ECCAR, established in 2004, has emerged as a global authority in the field of anti-racism and anti-discrimination, with a core objective of fostering dialogue, facilitating the exchange of best practices, and implementing tangible measures to combat racism and promote intercultural understanding.

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