Alexandr Vakre, the head of customs at Chisinau International Airport. Has announced his resignation

In a recent communication with BANI.MD, Vakre indicated that his decision to leave his current position was a personal one. He stated that he had considered leaving the Customs Service long ago but had not yet done so. He cited personal reasons for his decision.

When asked whether his resignation was related to the corruption scandal at the airport on 1 April when several officials were detained, Vakre stated that the two events were not connected.

On 1 April, officers of the National Anti-Corruption Centre and prosecutors in Chisinau conducted 16 searches in a corruption case involving seven customs inspectors at Chisinau International Airport. Three suspects are currently under house arrest, while the remaining four are being investigated.

The inspectors are suspected of taking bribes of between $50 and $1,000 from passengers to allow them to cross customs without declaring their goods.

Among the inspectors currently under investigation are the daughter of PAS MP Victoria Cazacu, the son of Socialist MP Radu Mudreac and the son of former Democrat MP Gheorghe Brasovschi. Cazacu accuses that she was “drawn into this scandal with the criminal file” after she allegedly started discussions on her appointment to the position held by Alexandr Vakre.


Vakre’s wealth.

Vakre and his wife own four plots of land worth 374 thousand euros, three apartments and two houses.

Alexandr Vakre has declared two cars and says the owners of the property are relatives, and the value of the Lexus RX 200 T and Nissan Maxima is not indicated.

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