Popsoi: Moldova will not introduce visas for Russian citizens. What does he say about Chisinau-Moscow relations?

Moldova is not currently considering the introduction of a visa regime with the Russian Federation. Mihai Popsoi staded it in an interview with Newsmaker. The official said in talks with journalists that currently Chisinau-Moscow relations are at the lowest level in the history of bilateral diplomatic ties.

Popsoi argues that the visa decision could have a similar response. Thus, Chisinau wants to protect the free movement of Moldovan citizens in the Russian Federation.


“The visa regime has a mirror effect. We cannot put our citizens in the Russian Federation at risk. Therefore, the visa issue is not on the agenda now,” the minister said.

According to the head of the diplomacy in Chisinau, relations with the Russian Federation will not improve afterward until hostilities end in Ukraine and the neighboring country returns its territories occupied by the Kremlin.

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