Lilian Carp comments on creating the “Victoria” bloc: It is a betrayal of the homeland

PAS deputy and the parliamentary committee on national security, defense, and public order’s chairman, Lilian Carp, offered commentary on forming the “Victory” bloc in Moscow. Carp made remarks during an interview with Rlive TV’s Rezoomat program, where he asserted that the actions about were talking constituted a betrayal of the homeland.

“We can observe that Shor has created many minor political parties in recent years. He has secured his position in local elections and established these parties. Currently, he is attempting to unite them into an electoral bloc. Political analysts have been predicting this outcome for some time, suggesting that these parties eventually merge into a single bloc. This process is particularly evident in an election year, where it is more straightforward for them to deliver a unified message from a centralized source rather than through the distribution of their message through different parties,” said Lilian Carp.


“From a political standpoint, it is evident that Shor’s actions are a betrayal of the homeland, as they destabilize the Republic of Moldova in the interests of the Russian Federation,” added the deputy.

On Sunday, April 21, Ilan Shor, a fugitive, announced the creation of the political bloc “Victory/Pobeda” during an event organized and broadcast live on social networks. Members of the former unconstitutional Shor Party, other opposition leaders, and the leadership of Gagauzia attended the event.

The speeches used rhetoric against Moldova’s accession to the EU, the boycott of the referendum on this subject, and the preparation for the presidential elections this autumn.

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