Will Gazprom deliver gas to Moldova or not?

For now, he does not know if the Russian concern Gazprom will deliver natural gas to our country according to the old contract, but the formula is much more advantageous. The statement was made this evening by the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, during the “Secretele Puterii” show on Jurnal TV.

“It is obvious that we do not have a definite answer from Gazprom regarding the situation after October 1. We have reiterated our position that we want this contract to remain in force and gas to be delivered at the contract formula. From October 1, the formula changes and is much more advantageous for our country. I count on the fact that this will not be the reason and in fact we will continue to deliver to Gazprom”, declared Spînu.

We remind you that during the period from November 1st to April 1st, when consumption is high, the price of gas is determined in proportion to 70% by the quotation of oil on the international stock exchanges and in proportion to 30% by the quotation of natural gas on the spot markets.


Between April 1st and November 1st, the formula is reversed: 30% of the price is formed according to the oil quotation on the stock exchanges, and 70% – according to the natural gas quotation.

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