A game created in Moldova has made it to the world’s top of the most anticipated games in the online service Steam

The adventure game Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival, created in the Republic of Moldova, has entered the Top 1000 most anticipated games in Steam online service. The ArtDock created the game. It is intended for players from 14 years old.

Each location in the game includes challenges and opportunities – from dangerous zones with zombies to safe havens where you can earn resources, Diez reports.

The game officially released on April 9 on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store and is available here. ArtDock wants to integrate Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival onto PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox consoles soon.


It is not the only single popular game created by Moldovans. ArtDock also created “SOS OPS!” released in November 2023 on Steam. It was later released on GOG and will soon be available on the Epic Games Store.

Steam is a global digital video game distribution platform for Windows, Linux, and macOS developed by Valve Corporation. It allows users to buy and play on a PC.

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