A Moldovan sparkling wine ranked in the TOP 50 wines of the world at a competition in Canada

The quality sparkling wine of aromatic type Moscato Dolce from Apriori Wine entered the TOP 50 wines of the world, obtaining the great gold medal – Grand Gold – at the largest wine competition in North America – Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada 29th edition, a competition that took place between October 13-16, 2022.

The sparkling Moscato Dolce Apriori Wine was appreciated by professional judges recognized worldwide, managing to accumulate 93 points out of a total of 100 points and surpassing 1705 other wines from 29 participating countries.

It is the first time that a sweet sparkling wine from the Republic of Moldova has been awarded the great gold medal, the highest appreciation that can be given to a wine in this competition. Two other gold medals were awarded to the sparkling wine Apriori WIne Rosato Dolce and the wine Apriori Wine Empirico Bianca & Pinot Grigio. This result repeatedly demonstrates the quality of Moldovan wines, while also confirming the value of sweet sparkling wines.

Although the consumption trend of raw sparkling wines in the Republic of Moldova is increasing, the priority in consumer preferences in this segment is held by sweet sparkling wines. Moscato Dolce and Rosato Dolce Apriori Wine are sparkling wines with natural sweetness coming exclusively from grapes, sparkling wines produced according to the Italian technology known in the world as ASTI, from the fresh must of Muscat grapes from the Southern region of Moldova, harvested at technological maturity and fermented with the use of selected yeasts under the strict control of the winemaker until obtaining 7% alc. vol. with the preservation of sugars and the natural aromatic palette. These sparkling wines do not contain additives and flavorings, like other sweet sparkling drinks on the domestic market, which, unfortunately, are more and more often found in the baskets of Moldovans, being confused with authentic sparkling wines.


Approaching the winter holidays, a time when sparkling wine is the main attribute on the table, choosing it among the hundreds of products on store shelves is a decision as important as it is complicated. In order to have a tasty drink with a delicate and long-lasting perlage in the glass, specialists recommend opting for naturally sparkling wines, which have been produced by the traditional method (second fermentation takes place in the bottle) or modern (with secondary fermentation in tanks) under pressure) and less sparkling wines, effervescent drinks that have not been subjected to double fermentation, and gasification caused by the impregnation of still wine with CO2, in this case, the bubbles are more prominent, chaotic, and will disappear much faster from the glass.

It is very easy to be misled by the eccentric labels behind which is not a real sparkling wine, but a similar drink that is a mixture of wine, water, ethyl alcohol, artificial flavorings, atypically intense, as well as other preservatives that potentiate its taste and aroma. These drinks can easily be confused on the shelf with genuine sparkling wines due to the similarity of the bottles and the general lack of consumer information about the manufacturing technologies.

Authentic sparkling wines are produced exclusively from grapes, and the aroma is due to the process of fermentation and/or maturation in the presence of yeasts, while in the case of wine-based carbonated soft drinks, the main role in creating the aroma is played by food additives, and gases are introduced exogenously. That’s why sparkling wine producers urge consumers to be as vigilant as possible and to carefully read the labels of the drinks they choose to enjoy during the holidays.

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