A new appreciation of the US dollar will lead to higher prices in Moldova

The depreciation of the euro against the US dollar will generate new increases in the Republic of Moldova. With more euros, the same dollar will be bought, respectively the imports will be more expensive. These are fuels and gas purchased from the Russian Federation. The more expensive energy resources will generate a wave of price increases in the chain, it is shown in an analysis of BANI.MD.

According to the source, the Euro is depreciating and the dollar is appreciating because we have an interest difference at the Central Banks. The Fed, the US Central Bank, is raising interest rates fairly firmly because the US economy is not so affected by this global context, the Russian-led war in Ukraine, and to temper inflation.


On the other hand, the Eurozone, especially the countries that have adopted the euro, are more commercially dependent on Russia and Ukraine on hydrocarbons, cereals and metals and then, automatically, the risk of recession and inflation is much higher in Europe, including in The Republic of Moldova, which is in the immediate vicinity of Ukraine.

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