Adrian Efros visiting operators and dispatchers within the specialized services of the MIA

Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, visited the employees of the National Unified Emergency Call Service 112 on the first day of the new year.

In this context, Adrian Efros congratulated the 112 operators for their work on New Year’s Eve and for being on duty, making efforts to ensure that our citizens enjoy the holidays.

Also, on the morning of today, the Minister of Internal Affairs went to congratulate the dispatchers within the specialized emergency services of the police, rescuers, and firefighters, wishing them a prosperous year in their professional sphere and thanking them for being on duty to ensure the safety of citizens during the holidays.

“Thank you to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the work done on New Year’s Eve and throughout the entire year,” wrote the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros.


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