An artisanal ice cream business developed with the help of ODA: The ice cream is always fresh and delicious

Valeria Avram is a young woman who, together with her family, launched an artisanal ice cream business in 2022. The entrepreneur brought the Italian franchise “Gioelia” to Moldova. 

“We are in the business of producing artisanal ice cream, which we make every morning. Ice cream is never yesterday’s ice cream. The business started in the family, with my mother, husband, and brother as employees. Currently, we have nine employees, and I believe that in the summer season, the team will grow,” says Valeria Avram.

The young entrepreneur developed her business with the financial support of the Moldovan Government and the European Union through the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation (ODA). The woman has accessed non-reimbursable funding under the PARE 1+1 Program for 250 thousand lei and Start for Youth – 200 thousand lei.


“Thanks to the PARE 1+1 Program, we’ve secured essential equipment, namely the ice cream machine and pasteurizer, crucial for our day-to-day operations. Through the Start for Youth Program, we acquired the oven used for winter cake production with a whipped cream machine that enhances our dessert offerings,” explains the entrepreneur.

Aurelia Avram expresses profound gratitude for the invaluable support to entrepreneurs by the European Union and the Moldovan government. She urges young individuals to seize the opportunity without hesitation and apply for the various grant programs.

“I’m immensely grateful for the assistance, as it has significantly expanded our winter cake selection. I wholeheartedly encourage aspiring entrepreneurs lacking adequate investment to explore opportunities with ODE; the application process is straightforward. Additionally, I invite those working abroad and aspiring to establish businesses back home. There are tailored programs to support them,” asserts Valeria Avram confidently.

More details on grant programs accessible through the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation can be found at

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