Andrei Spinu reports to the Moldovans. What did he promise?

The Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, wrote a post on his official Facebook page that resembles a “report” to Moldovan citizens regarding gas. He described the procedure for purchasing gas, insists on not revealing the volume, but only the price, assuring that this winter we will not freeze. At the same time, he made a promise.

“Since the summer of 2022, we have announced that the Government is seriously and responsibly preparing to get through this winter. One of the actions taken then was the contracting of a credit, from the EBRD, of EUR 300 million for the procurement of gas reserves. In this sense, starting from October 20, 2022 and until January 10, 2023, more than 100 rounds of auctions were organized to buy gas at the best prices on the market,” Andrei Spînu wrote.


As for what volume of gas was purchased, the minister reiterated that, “for security reasons”, he will not make it public.

“All data will be made public after all security risks have been overcome. The average gas purchase price was 965 EUR/1000m3. Do we have enough gas stocks to get through the winter? Yes, we have enough stock. Energocom will continue to buy gas from international markets,” the official assured.

At the end, Andrei Spînu promised that he would come with a recommendation to ANRE to analyze and decide if there are premises for a tariff reduction.

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