Announcement from PSRM: Alexandr Stoianoglo will run in presidential elections

Alexandr Stoianoglo will run in the presidential elections. Igor Dodon announced it at a press briefing organized by the PSRM.

Stoianoglo noted that he is an apolitical person. He explained that the PSRM decided due to the injustice in the Republic of Moldova.

“I am a supporter of integration. But it pains me when politicians use European integration as a stick, not an ambitious prerogative. European Moldova must be neutral, where there is room for cooperation between countries and peoples, social guarantees, a state that provides security,” the candidate said.

We note that the PSRM has announced that Alexandr Stoianoglo will not run as a candidate for the Party of Socialists, but the party will support him in the fall elections.


So far, Ion Chicu, Renato Usatii, Maia Sandu, Tudor Ulianovschi, and Andrei Nastase have announced their intention to run for the presidency. There are rumors that Irina Vlah and several other party leaders or people who have recently emerged in the Moldovan political scene could also run.

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