“Barza Albă” to be included in the national cultural heritage

“Barza Albă” enterprise, from Bălți municipality, will receive the status of object of the national cultural heritage of Moldova. A decision in this regard was approved today by the Executive. This company has a history of almost 80 years in the production of the divine.

“The object of the national cultural heritage will become the goods of the enterprise, the tasting rooms, except for the equipment for the production of the divine and the divine ones at maturity or storage. At the same time, the movable assets of the enterprise will be included in the Register of monuments of the Republic of Moldova protected by the state “, the Government announces.

The attribution of the status of object of the national cultural heritage aims at preserving for the present and future generations the cultural and landscape complexes of national importance, their promotion and tourist capitalization.

At the same time, the Government recommends the inclusion of the company “Barza Albă” Joint Stock Company in the list of goods not subject to privatization and the restitution of the exclusive right to use the trademark “Barza Albă”.

„Barza Albă” SA will become the third wine enterprise – national cultural heritage of the country, after „Cricova” SA Winery and „„ Milestii Mici ”Quality Wine Winery.

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