New Council, created to ensure information security in Moldova

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to ensure a higher level of information and cyber security in our country. Thus, in the Republic of Moldova will be created the Coordinating Council for ensuring information security. A decision in this regard was approved today, during the Executive meeting.

The initiative is part of the Information Security Strategy of the Republic of Moldova for 2019-2024.

According to the Government, the Coordinating Council will be a collective body, with consultative and operational attributions, without legal personality. The entity will estimate the level of information security threat at national level and will propose actions to resolve the reported incidents.

  • The activity of the council will be focused on four segments:
  • Cybernetic, with the role of identifying and examining security incidents;
  • Operational, with the role of identifying the news in the information space, which could affect the information security of the country;
  • Mediatic, with the role of evaluating the factors that could prejudice the institutional integrity of the information media on virtual platforms;
  • Civic-private, with some attributions, including the presentation of cases of human rights violations regarding free access to information resources, etc.


The members of the Coordinating Council for ensuring information security will be the representatives of the legal persons of public and private law, who will meet in ordinary and extraordinary meetings.

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