(BREAKING NEWS) Moldova submits new EU accession progress report on Wednesday

Moldova will submit a new EU accession progress report to Brussels on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, to be delivered to European officials by Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Cristina Gherasimov.

According to government spokesman Daniel Voda, the document covers Moldova’s progress from June 2023 to March 2024. It will be submitted in two stages, the first in April and the second – in September.

“We are continuing to build European Moldova (…) The document drafted reflects the progress made on the 2023 package and meeting the accession criteria from June 2023 to March this year,” Daniel Voda said.


The evaluation results will be available in the autumn.

Each year, the European Union adopts conclusions on enlargement and assesses the progress made towards integration by the candidate countries. The latest conclusions, dating from December 2023, show that the Republic of Moldova has made substantial progress and strengthened the implementation of reforms.

The advisors urged our country to “establish a solid track record of investigations and convictions, including in high-level cases,” in the fight against corruption. They encouraged the Chisinau administration to pursue reforms in the economic field, leveraging the EU-Republic of Moldova Association Agreement and the Deep Free Trade Agreement between the EU, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Simultaneously, they welcomed the government’s commitment to align the country with European sanctions.

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