Budget workers with a salary of up to 15,000 lei will receive 3,000 lei each

The Head of State promulgated the amendments to the State Budget Law, the Social Insurance Budget Law and the Law on Mandatory Healthcare Insurance Funds, which provide for several support measures for citizens aimed at compensating for the increase in prices.

Here’s what the changes promulgated today provide:

  • Single payment of 1,500 lei for all pensioners who have pensions of less than 5,000 lei;
  • The 5.5% increase in salaries in the budget sector and the granting of a single aid of 3,000 lei, paid in two installments, for all budget workers with gross salaries of less than 15,000 lei;
  • The 10% increase in the salaries of budget workers in the medical sector;
  • Monthly allowance of 1000 lei for children up to the age of two;
  • Supplementing the heat compensation fund for 2022 with 500 million lei;
  • Offsetting the rise in bank interest rates for entrepreneurs. In this sense, a fund worth 200 million lei was created. The working mechanism will be announced soon.


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