Burning bills in front of the Presidency! Mass-protest due to high energy tariffs

The protesters gathered today at the large-scale rally, organized by the “SOR” Party in front of the Presidency. People set bills on fire, as a sign of protest against the exaggerated prices of gas, electricity, water and other utilities.

The protesters brought a yellow bucket and, one by one, set the bills on fire. People said that they can no longer cope with the price increases, and in the winter they will no longer be able to pay the bills. The demonstrators accused the PAS government, but the country’s president, Maia Sandu, of not doing anything to stop the price increases.

“Down with PAS, down with Maia Sandu!”, “PAS has burned the good times!”, “We don’t want any more Tizic government!” (Tizic – is dung and straw used as fuel for brickmaking) chanted the demonstrators.


According to the organizers, almost 10 thousand people participated in today’s protest.

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