Democracy Days, in educational institutions! Information campaigns for students

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and the Center for Continuous Training in the Electoral Field (CICDE) are conducting, between September 12-16, the “Democracy Days” communication campaign in educational institutions.

Thus, for one week, CEC members and CICDE specialists hold a series of open lessons in universities, high schools and kindergartens in the country on the theme of participatory democracy, free elections, the involvement of young people in electoral processes and public life, and at the end they organize simulations of debates and voting.

The communication campaign reached over 1500 children, pupils and students from Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Cantemir, Căuşeni and Chisinau, giving them the opportunity to learn more about what democracy is, how they can exercise their rights and freedoms, how they can make their voices heard and become leaders in their communities, how they can contribute to the development of a strong and sustainable society by participating in political life.

According to the president of CEC, Angelica Caraman, a participatory democracy only works when young people are active and get involved in public life. In this context, this year CEC, in partnership with CICDE, decided to go to kindergartens, high schools and universities to meet young people and communicate to them about the power of voting and their involvement.


“Every second 18-year-old went out to vote on July 11, 2021. This result encourages us to continue to focus on the civic education of citizens. We diversify the activities and messages, and our beneficiaries are starting from kindergarten, school, universities to elderly voters. Through inclusion, accessibility and awareness, we will get to enjoy a true democracy”, says Angelica Caraman, president of the CEC.

Also, informative materials and sets of thematic books were prepared for the participants of the democracy lessons and the libraries of the host educational institutions.

The “Democracy Days” communication campaign in educational institutions is carried out on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, marked annually on September 15.

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