Can the energy crisis unite Chisinau and Tiraspol?

Chisinau requests the convening of a meeting in the 1+1 format, to discuss with Tiraspol the management of the energy crisis, the Reintegration Bureau announces. Representatives of relevant institutions from both banks of the Dniester, as well as representatives of mediators and observers in the “5+2” negotiation format, are invited to the discussions.

“In connection with the increasing energy crisis and the need to discuss the problematic aspects, clarify some technical aspects and identify some solutions to overcome the problems that have recently appeared throughout the country, Chisinau requested the convening of a working meeting at the level of political representatives in the negotiation process regarding the Transnistrian regulation from Chisinau and Tiraspol”, announces the Bureau for Reintegration.


Last week, Cuciurgan limited the supply of electricity to the right bank, from 70% of the required volume to only 27%. According to Tiraspol, the measure is applied after Gazprom reduced the volume of gas delivered to Transnistria.

Chisinau announced several measures to save electricity, but also possible disconnections. At the same time, the authorities state that they are looking for new electricity suppliers.

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