An allowance of 1000 lei to be allocated for every child under the age of two

Each child, regardless of whether the parent or guardian is insured, will receive 1,000 lei until they reach the age of two. The Government voted to amend the Regulation on the method of establishing and paying allowances.

Children up to the age of two, whose parents or guardians are socially insured, will have the right to an allowance of 1,000 lei per month, in addition to the allowance for raising the child up to the age of three, according to the options. In the case of children whose parents or guardians are uninsured, the allowance will be increased from 740 lei to 1000 lei.

The amount will be granted for each child registered in the Public Services Agency system, including in the case of twins, adoption or placement of the child in the guardianship service.


In order to benefit from the payment of the allowance, the child’s legal representative will submit an application to the territorial social security offices, within 12 months of the child’s birth. Insured persons, who already receive a monthly allowance for raising or caring for the child and whose children have not reached the age of 2, will not have to submit an application, the allowance being automatically established by the National Social Insurance House.

At the same time, the monthly support allowance for raising twin children is also increased, from 370 lei to 500 lei. Financial support for the care of twin children is paid for each child, from birth to the age of three.

For the implementation of the mentioned measures, for the year 2022, approximately 77 million lei were allocated from the state budget, and for the next year approximately 805 million lei will be needed. In 2023, 65,133 people, of which 28,949 – insured, will benefit from the monthly care allowance for children up to the age of 2.

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