Castel Mimi is building a hotel with an innovative concept. The Minister of Agriculture visited it and was surprised

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry made a post on the institution’s Facebook page, accompanied by some photos taken during the visit of Minister Vladimir Bolea to Castel Mimi. The official took a tour of the hotel under construction, guided by the director of the castle, Adrian Trofim.

“Recognized as one of the 15 most beautiful wineries in the world and one of the main tourist attractions in the country, a new hotel is being built at Castel Mimi, with work in full swing. The new hotel represents an innovative concept for the Republic of Moldova, General Manager Adrian Trofim said. It will focus on zero emissions and sound insulation, aiming to offer the most comfortable accommodation experiences in the country. The hotel is expected to welcome its first tourists from 1 June, when will take place the official opening,” the Post reports.


According to Adrian Trofim, the new hotel will be fitted with the most modern systems and technologies to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible.

“I had the opportunity to present the new project at Castel Mimi, the zero-emission hotel! Heat pumps will provide heating and cooling, thermal insulation, soundproofing, ventilation with recovery, warm floors, cool ceilings, and many other technologies implemented with a purpose: Energy Efficiency! Castel Mimi takes sustainable tourism to another level”, says Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi.

The hotel will open on 1 June, exactly one year after the European Political Community Summit. The Castle hosted 49 state and government leaders at that historic event in the Republic of Moldova.

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