Chișinău’s ‘Cool Party’ Wraps Up Year of Youth with 7,000 Attendees

A major concert titled ‘Cool Party,’ organized by Chisinau City Hall, concludes the Year of Youth on Friday, December 8, 2023. More than 7,000 young people gathered for the event, putting aside their phones to enjoy and capture beautiful moments with invited artists and influencers. The Mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban, pledged, along with his team, that even though the year is ending, events for Chisinau’s youth will continue and multiply. ‘The book remains open,’ both literally and figuratively.

The concert was hosted by Lucian Dumitrescu and Cristy Mironcik, who warmed up the crowd of young people with a DJ playlist. Renowned artists on the national and international stage followed: NEMAX, Olga Verbițchi, Aliona Moon, Satoshi.

Ion Ceban Reports:

Chisinau’s ‘Cool Party,’ organized by the City Hall, attracted 7,000 participants, marking the end of the Year of Youth. The event featured popular artists and influencers, with Mayor Ion Ceban emphasizing that it’s not the end but the beginning of more youth projects in the coming years. Admission was free, and the City Hall provided complimentary transportation to and from Arena Chisinau, showcasing successes and youth-focused projects throughout 2023.”

Throughout the evening, representatives of Chisinau City Hall took the stage. Andrei Pavaloi, the head of the General Directorate of Education, Youth, and Sports, promised the following:

‘This is a special event with the participation of many, but very many, young people who have been involved in events throughout the year. It’s just the end of this year, but we will have events for youth in the coming years; we’ve only closed this chapter, but the book remains open.’

Petru Grecu, director of the Municipal Youth Center Chisinau, continued:

‘It’s about the youth of Chisinau; they are the force and energy through which this city becomes more beautiful. We are pleased that young people are active, involved in volunteering, and we bring them to such fun activities.’

Vice-Mayor Olga Ursu also promised that ‘The Year of Youth will end, but the events will continue. We want to be with you every step of the way, and we will be together through various programs. Today, I want you to savor this wonderful concert.’

The REALITATEA press group is a media partner of this event. Colleagues from RLIVE broadcasted the atmosphere live from Arena Chisinau.

The year 2023 was declared by Chisinau City Hall as the Year of Youth, and throughout it, various activities and events involving young people took place. The youth sector is a priority in the municipality’s activity plan, and considerable resources and efforts will continue to be invested to provide young people with the best conditions for development and involvement in community life.

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