European Parliament Member Warns Against Delaying EU Accession Talks with Moldova and Ukraine

Postponing the opening of negotiations with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine would be a major strategic mistake, declared European Parliament Member Ramona Strugariu in an interview for Radio Chisinau. A potentially unfavorable decision at the Council meeting on December 14-15 will be a political signal to Moscow, warns journalist and commentator Ovidiu Nahoi in an interview for Radio Chisinau.

There are only a few days left until the European Council meeting on December 14-15, eagerly awaited by the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, countries that seek this historic opportunity to open negotiations. However, as we approach this date, the uncertainty generated by Hungary’s opposition to the opening of negotiations with Ukraine is increasing. This fact raises questions regarding Moldova as well.

In an interview for Radio Chisinau, Euro-MP Ramona Strugariu believes that the decision will be a positive one; otherwise, it will affect the EU’s credibility for many years to come.

“It would be a major strategic mistake not to send this signal now, considering what follows if we postpone and disappoint the expectations of people who have worked very hard to get here, of people who are waging a very difficult war on their shoulders, a war that ultimately concerns all of us. It will be difficult for us to regain credibility, and we cannot allow liberalism or imperialism to win battles in these times, as it could cost us some very dark decades. There are no concerns regarding the Republic of Moldova. Every voice I have heard has clearly stated that the Republic of Moldova is ready and has made great progress,” says Ramona Strugariu.

A delay in the opening of negotiations at the next week’s European Council will put the European Union in an extremely complicated situation, as it will not only discuss the enlargement dossier but also the financial package of 50 billion euros for the reconstruction of Ukraine, to which Hungary also objects, says the chief editor of RFI Romania, Ovidiu Nahoi.

“The European Union will find itself in a very complicated situation where it will have to find a way out: how do you deal with a single member, for reasons that ultimately escape you, manages to divert the will of the majority of Europeans? Because the will of the vast majority of Europeans at this moment, despite the advance of the far right, is to support Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Moscow will clearly rejoice and show, here, the West is not capable of responding to challenges, it is not united and capable of making decisions. Then Russia can go further in aggression.

The decision (a potential unfavorable decision) is not a technical problem; it will be an extremely negative political message, which will be given not only to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova but to the whole world,” said Ovidiu Nahoi.

On November 8, the European Commission recommended that EU member states initiate negotiations for the accession of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to the EU. The decision on the start of negotiations with the two countries is to be made by the member states at the European Council meeting on December 14-15.


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