Maia Sandu Calls on Fruit Producers to Contribute to Moldova’s European Integration Project

President Maia Sandu greeted several fruit growers gathered at a conference organized by Moldova Fruct dedicated to Moldovan fruits. In her message, the head of state urged fruit producers and exporters to preserve the flavor of our fruits and “contribute to the realization of the country’s European integration project, which represents an opportunity for prosperity for all.”

President Maia Sandu emphasized that horticulture is becoming a promising branch of our agriculture, and Moldovan fruits are increasingly appreciated in many countries, boosting exports and, consequently, the income of local producers.

Additionally, the President highlighted that the EU market has become more accessible to Moldovan products due to the free trade agreement. Last year, export quotas were lifted for 7 Moldovan products, including apples, plums, and cherries. This decision allowed agricultural producers to sell more on the European market in 2023: 2600 tons of cherries, 10 thousand tons of apples, and 55 thousand tons of plums – making Moldova on track to become the world’s third-largest exporter of plums.


“Our efforts in economic diplomacy do not stop in the EU. We promote Moldovan products in the west and the east, where quality is appreciated, and contracts are honored. Like winemakers, fruit producers are becoming more competitive, stronger, and succeeding in conquering stable markets where blackmail has no place,” emphasized the head of state.

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