Ciolacu in the USA Discusses Moldova with Blinken: It is Europe’s Most Vulnerable Country After Ukraine

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, on an official visit to the United States, held a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The official from Bucharest requested the administration in the United States to support the Republic of Moldova, stating that it is the most vulnerable country in Europe after Ukraine.

The head of the government across the Prut River also declared that Bucharest would stand by Kyiv. At the same time, according to him, Romania has learned its lesson regarding relations with the Russian Federation and Moscow’s aggression narratives.

“Romania has been and will be alongside Ukraine until it achieves victory against the Russian Federation. Romania learned its lesson regarding Russia a long time ago. We understand the Russian people and the system of aggression. Therefore, we request that, apart from your partnership with Romania, always consider the Republic of Moldova. It is the most vulnerable country in Europe after Ukraine, where there is an armed conflict. In the Republic of Moldova, there is a hybrid conflict and war against President Maia Sandu and a democratic government,” said Ciolacu.

In turn, Blinken spoke about the U.S.-Romania strategic partnership. The official from Washington referred to the support that Bucharest provides to Ukrainians in the defense sector and in exporting various products, including cereals.


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