Citizens of Moldova to pay more for electricity!

In today’s meeting, October 12, ANRE decided to increase the price of electricity for final consumers. Thus, Premier Energy consumers will pay 3.15 lei KW/h, 19.3% more than the previous tariff, which is 2.64 lei KW/h.

For high voltage consumers the tariff was increased to 2.68 compared to 2.16, and for those connected to the medium voltage line the tariff was set at 2.81 compared to 2.30 lei. Premier Energy has requested an increase in the electricity tariff due to the increase in the price of electricity and financial deviations.

We remind you that on Tuesday, October 11, the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrei Spînu, declared that the Republic of Moldova receives all its electricity from MGRES. This is possible because MoldovaGaz has additionally allocated to MGRES 0.9 million m3 of gas to produce the electricity needed for 24 hours.


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