Igor Grosu: The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and that of Romania will meet in a new joint session

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and that of Romania will meet in a new joint session until the end of the current year. The announcement was made by the President of the Legislature, Igor Grosu, in an interview given to AGERPRES.

The official highlighted the importance of the meetings of the two parliaments, emphasizing that the previous meeting in Chisinau “had a significant impact on the decision to grant the status of a candidate country” for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union.

“We are betting a lot on Romania’s help. Romania has already gone through this experience, plus it has translated the community acquis, we don’t have to invent anything new. We have to learn from the Romanian experience and here we have complete, total openness”.


In the same vein, Igor Grosu states that the pro-European course of our country “is not yet irreversible” and that the Action and Solidarity Party has the task of ensuring the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union.

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At the same time, the President of the Parliament reiterated what are the priorities of the Chisinau authorities, but also how they manage the tense situation in Transnistria.

“We still have a Russian army that is illegally on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. We have that weapons depot in Cobasna, which represents a danger for the Republic of Moldova, but also for Ukraine, even if their rhetoric is sometimes like bravado, which is more of an emanation from Russia. In a practical way, they understand very well what the consequences can be for them”.

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