Farmers will receive support for assessing the effects of drought on agriculture

A team made up of national and international experts will carry out an exercise to assess the effects of the current year’s drought on the agricultural sector. The actions will be carried out with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Thus, for three weeks, the evaluators will visit various districts of the country, to hold discussions with agricultural producers, with representatives of local public authorities and other relevant institutions.

The purpose of the exercise is to analyze the methodology for ascertaining the damage caused to agricultural crops, as well as to assess the impact of this year’s drought. Based on the collected data, by mid-November, the results will be reported and the experts’ recommendations communicated.

The Ministry is interested in the results of the evaluation, as the authorities aim to minimize the impact of the drought on agricultural and economic activities. At the same time, Minister Vladimir Bolea declared that the recommendations of the expert team will be useful in the process of developing the agricultural sector and drawing up national subsidy policies.


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